About Us

Nickels Performance has been serving Speed Shops, Engine Builders and Installers since the '70s in the Racing, Late Model Street, and Diesel Performance markets.  What started out as Mark Nickels' one man operation has become a 4 location company that is part of the 80+ location Transtar Holdings.

Throughout its history, Nickels has been providing value to its customers, whether it be in the products or services it offered or in the people that delivered those products or services.  Simply put, the Nickels Value Proposition that is delivered every day is as follows:

Nickels Performance delivers an unmatched, tailored experience where customers' needs are met with varied choices of quality products via first class service from the best reps in the business, shipped from operationally excellent strategic locations at a competitive price.

In order to experience this value proposition, please contact any one of our sales representatives or leadership team below:


Tom Ressler - National Sales Manager                        888.646.7536

Clayton Guinn - Brand Management                           423.391.9218

Bo Bacon - Engine Works Manager                              423.391.9227

Sales Reps

Rick Johnson 800.251.0331 rjohnson@nickelsperformance.com
Jerry Sams 800.251.0331 jsams@nickelsperformance.com
Van Greer  800.251.0331 vgreer@nickelsperformance.com
Ellen Smith 800.251.0331 evaughn@nickelsperformance.com
Monica Shepherd 800.251.0331 mshepherd@nickelsperformance.com
Larry Smith 800.251.0331 lsmith@nickelsperformance.com
Eddie Carver 800.251.0331 ecarver@nickelsperformance.com
Bob Hillman 866.520.1932 bhillman@nickelsperformance.com
Kevin King 866.520.1932 kking@nickelsperformance.com
Wil Stoneburg  866.520.1932  wstoneburg@nickelsperformance.com
Brett Johnson 866.520.1929 bjohnson@nickelsperformance.com
Chuck Davenport  866.520.1929 cdavenport@nickelsperformance.com
Ray Brown 866.520.1929 raybrown@nickelsperformance.com
Jerry Burgess 866.520.1927  jburgess@nickelsperformance.com